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Photo by: Sonja Iskov

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Poster by: Martin R. Olsen


"Skater boy and opera lover in a musical friendship. Carmen and Casper is a fine and illuminating performance about doing what you love without worrying about what other people think."
Morten Hede, Børneteateravisen.

Carmen and Casper - a humorous and poetic performance about overcoming one’s fear.


Carmen loves opera and she makes a living from travelling around and telling children about her great passion.

She is too afraid to sing herself, so she has taught the puppet Carmensita to sing.


On this particular day, she has ‘accidentally’ brought the wrong puppet, namely the mischievous Casper, who is all fun and games and very difficult to control.


In a marvelous way, the puppet Casper makes Carmen overcome her fear of singing in front of an audience.



Facts about the performance:

Teatret Lampe

Kamilla Wargo Brekling, Anne Nøjgård and Oskar Jankovic

Jane Rasch

Kamilla Wargo Brekling

Puppet Director and Assistant Director:
Susanne Gotthelff

Sound design:
Oskar Jankovic

Martin R. Olsen

Shadow play:
William Frohn Christensen

Matilde Schwartz

Anne Nøjgård


Age range: 
3 - 8 years

35 minutes

Stage measurements: 
width 4.5 m, depth 5 m., height 2.3 m.

8.000 DKK (60 spectators)
10.000 DKK (80 spectators)


Does not require total blackout


The show is produced with the support of the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation