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Photo by: Wilfred Gachau

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"The border guard is played with such deep human nuances behind the comedy that his inner limitation and its causes become evident."
Randi K. Petersen, Børn og Unge


"Teatret Lampe has created a thought-provoking play about fixed borders and individual considerations…I gladly recommend the show as a thought-provoker for the kids, too."
Janken Varden, Børneteateravisen

The border– a show about boundaries and
understanding between people



The stage represents a border with a barrier gate in sharp colours. On one side we see a guard, borderguard, police officer and from the other side a stranger arrives – and the play can begin: the stranger can go no further.

The show tries to demonstrate how, even though we need limits, rules, we would still gain so much if we dared to be more open, and a person who manages to overcome her fear and reaches beyond herself wins herself, grows.




Facts of the show:

Script and direction:
Søren Iversen

Set design:
John Kørner

Stage lighting:
Jesper Kongshaug

Mirela Peerzada and William Frohn-Christensen

Peter Jankovic

Jonas Stampe, Ejaz Ali and Peter Jankovic

Yamina Peerzada and Anne Nøjgård

Oskar Jankovic


Age range: 
3 - 9 years

40 minutes

Stage measurements: 
width 5.5 m, depth 5 m., height 2.4 m.

Heavy current:
380V 16/32A

840 EURO


The production is supported by the Danish Arts Council's Committee for the Performing Arts,  Bikubenfonden and CKU.