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Photo by: Sven Erik Sokkelund
Illustrations by:
Marianne Jørgensen

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"A universal story which can be seen and understood all over the world"
Faizaan Peerzada, Folk Puppet Festival 2012 Lahore, Pakistan













”Teatret Lampe has with ”The Mole and the House That Came and Left”, created a performance full of warmth and good music. The well constructed story is about meeting someone from a totally different world than your own, get to know, and make room for them”
Randi K. Pedersen, Børn og Unge









The Mole and the House That Came and Left– a show about seeing and feeling the world, also the worlds that are unlike your own

The mole lives safely in its dark burrow under the ground, until one morning it wakes up to find that a house has landed on top of its molehill.
The house is full of books, and inside the books are pictures and stories that the mole slowly begins to discover.




Facts of the show:


Idea and development: 
Marianne Jørgensen and Anne Nøjgård
Kamilla Wargo Brekling
Set design and puppets: 
Marianne Jørgensen
Composers and musicians:
Jonas Stampe and Ejaz Ali
Dramaturg and music consultant: 
Peter Jankovic
Actor and Puppeteer: 
Anne Nøjgård
Lasse Hal



Age range:
2 - 6 years

35 mins

Stage measurements:
width 5.5m, depth 4.5m, height 2.4m

1.500 EUR


A Danish-Pakistani project in collaboration with the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, Lahore. Supported by the DCCD and the Danish Arts Council’s Committee for the Performing