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Photo by: Sven Erik Sokkelund

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”Marvellous Love. In "Wish!" Teatret Lampe invites the youngest audience to some delightful humour and simple, poetic, visual magic played by an immaculate dramatic storyteller. Each of the many characters is given its own voice and personality, making it easy to follow the tale of "The Steadfast Tin Soldier"... ”

Randi K. Pedersen, Børn og Unge


”The Ugly Duckling” was the best! I saw her performance ”Wish” in Denmark too. I just love the way she worked with children.

Yuriko Kobayashi,

Kijimna Festa, Japan




The Steadfast Tin Soldier!- a delightful performance with objects based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Steadfast Tin Soldier".

What can happen if you wish? When the tin soldier sees the ballerina for the very first time, he wishes that she were his wife. The tale sends the tin soldier off on a voyage to the bottom of the sea. Only then does his wish come true, but not exactly the way he had imagined...

A humorous and poetic love story for the youngest children, told with the simplest of means: pencils, paper and a pair of scissors. Featuring live acoustic guitar music. 




Facts of the show:

Teatret Lampe
Teatret Lampe and Kamilla Wargo Brekling.
Kamilla Wargo Brekling
Music and dramaturgy:
Peter Jankovic
Helle Damgaard, Lars Sonnesjö, Claus Egemose and Ole H. Christensen 
Anne Nøjgård
Lasse Hal


Age range:
3 - 8 years 

35 min

Stage measurements:  
width: 4.5 m, depth: 5 m, height: 2.3 m 

Heavy current:
380V 16/32A

1.500 EURO


”Wish!” is supported by: The Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, 3M, and Peter Sieverts