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Photo by: Sven Erik Sokkelund

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The spirit of Hans Christian Andersen is alive in this small,
almost non-verbal puppet performance. 
Inger Holst, Information 

With a exuberant version of "The Ugly Duckling" the theatre has created one of the best performances ever for the smallest children. 
Randi K. Pedersen, LFSnyt 

I have seldom seen puppets seeming more alive than these, skilfully handled by Anne Nøjgård, almost like in a cartoon, blended with ambient music, and very simple effects that enabled both young and old in the audience to enjoy the fairytale.
Henrik Lyding Jyllandsposten.







The Ugly Duckling- a danish children's theatre classic for the very youngest now totalling over 1000 performances in DK and abroad.

There are four white eggs in the nest. Three little ducklings are hatched... and one big grey one. We follow the clumsy, inquisitive duckling as it meets the world, and overcomes the hardships of life ultimately becoming a full-fledged swan.



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Facts of the show

Gitta Malling 

Puppets and set design:
Marianne Jørgensen 

Music og dramaturgy:
Peter Jankovic 

Anne Nøjgård
Kirsten Nottelmann Rav/Anne Kurzweil/Lasse Hal


Also played
as an outdoor performance!











Age range:
2 - 5 years 

35 min

Stage measurements: 
width 5.6m - depth 4 m - height 2.6m
The performance does not require total blackout

1.500 EURO